Dr. Robert Zerbe (Warner-Lambert)

” ‘If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well’. This only begins to describe the tremendous effort and achievements of the entire Clinical Research Department in 1996. We were all challenged in different ways to contribute in a record number of regulatory submissions, as well as supporting regulatory approvals for several drugs, and publishing results from important studies. Also, we embarked upon implementing major process improvements. As a contractor assigned by your employer to Parke-Davis, your contributions to the retrospective validation effort helped us meet our goals during 1996. I appreciate your efforts.”

Dr. Robert Zerbe, Senior Vice President Clinical Research, Parke-Davis division of Warner-Lambert Company

Robert Zerbe – Parke-Davis


Jerry Rimmer (First of America Bank)

“Rick Bollinger has been a fine representative of Sterling Software, helping us document and publish our methods as hypermedia for use by our staff. He demonstrates hard work, attention to detail and a professional attitude as a consultant.”

Jerry Rimmer, Senior Manager, Methods and Technical Training, First of America Bank Corporation

Jerry Rimmer – FoA

Brenda Lockwood (State of Wisconsin)

“The Department of Health and Social Services has utilized Sterling Software’s educational services and consulting on several occasions. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the support provided in the development of the ‘PARIS’ application. In particular, Dale Lebow and Rick Bollinger were very helpful, highly competent and always professional. Their support during the development process and skills transfer to our developers were instrumental in completing the design and construction phases of this project.”

Brenda Lockwood, Manager, Development Services Section, Bureau of Information Systems, Division of Management Services, State of Wisconsin Department of Health and Social Services

Brenda Lockwood – SoW

Stanley Mendenhall (CPHA)

“Rick’s strengths have been his ability to work very well with users and to understand the significance of the product he is working on. His design concepts are well thought out, and anticipate not only current requirements, but future needs as well. His testing and documentation standards are high, so that when Rick says the system is tested and ready, it is. He also displays a great deal of adaptability in learning a new operating environment and how to interface with several types of hardware. In summary, having Rick work on one of the most important systems at CPHA has been one of the better decisions I have made.”

Stanley Mendenhall, Manager, Case Mix Development, Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities

Stanley Mendenhall – CPHA

David Hubbard (GM)

“We wish to take this opportunity to thank your department for its cooperation in developing our sample reporting system, and in particular we wish to commend Mr. Rick Bollinger for his special insights and sensitivities to particular operational requirements. Mr. Bollinger’s hands-on training and personal involvement provided very positive support for [our] newly acquired responsibility.”

Dave Hubbard, General Supervisor, Quality Standards Laboratory, General Motors

David Hubbard – GM